Hello 36er lovers,

the goal of this web page on 36ers (36 inch or whatever you call them) is try to show most of the bicycles (no, sorry not unicycles) made with 36″ wheels.

There’s also a feature I wrote for the french magazine VeloVert.

More, this page is to thank all the builders that gave me time to chat about their creation.

There will be more images added.

If you built a 36er and want to send me your pics to post here, feel free to leave a message here, in the comments with an email address to contact you.

Last but not least, if you arrived here before going on mtbr, please join us in the poll to gather the most people possible for building a new 36″ tire and rim.

“36er Tire/Rim poll”



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for making the website, and writing that VeloVert article. Wish I could make out the print better.
    When I first proposed drawings for a 36″ MTB on mtbr.com, I was not sure it would in fact come this far. Pretty sure it would work as I claimed, but financially not in a position to make it happen myself.
    I’ve still only ridden a 36″ Monstercruiser indoors, and passionate hope to try an MTB and eventually own one.
    I especially want one for commuting, although I bet I’ll love the off-roading too.

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